I started running learning skills seminars for school students back in the late 1990s and it was great! We helped a heap of people, got on the evening news and had lots of fun. But I was too young to really know what I was doing, and after a while, realised that learning skills are only part – and a pretty small part – of the story. What I really wanted to understand was genius.

So I went back to university, learnt more about business, innovation and entrepreneurship. I went through the Tony Robbins system, realised some of my martial arts goals and fell into startup business consulting until I remembered what it was really all about: I had a dream that we could make genius a choice, rather than leaving it to chance.

You see, there are many brilliant people, yet there are many more who could be brilliant. And with the challenges of the world today, we need more than ever before people with vision and talent working towards their purpose. So let’s cultivate great minds.

The Genius Project is to help individuals, organisations and communities find, learn and apply the information that they need. This normally falls into one of four skill categories – learning, thinking, communication or leadership – though it is the way that these are aligned that really creates genius.

In late 2008, I started working with my brother, Andrew, to get some great resources on Genius in the same place… the result is TheGeniusProject.com

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