I’m not sure whether you are an experience NLPer or totally new to the field, but I’m sure that we can learn a lot together.

NLP provides you with a way of exploring and expanding your subjective experience… like an instruction manual for your mind.

I love seeing people that train with me feel that they can be at their best more, and enjoy the feeling of their best getting even better. Incorporating the latest in New Code NLP, we give you the opportunity to enjoy world-class training experiences close to home.

For me, NLP is a way to help you get access to your personal genius. We can apply it in business, relationships, coaching, and even parenting. In fact one of the best well established outcomes of NLP training is that your life improves in pretty much every way that can be measured.

However, I’m not sure what are you most interested in.

Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings typically run for 8 days and we have small-group trainings starting regularly at times to suit your schedule. You can expect to pay about 15,000RMB for Practitioner and 20,000RMB for Master Practitioner.

I am based in Shanghai, though training across the region, so if you’re interested, leave your details below and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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