Passive income is very over-rated. Many people – especially young people who have read a bit of Rich Dad Poor Dad – seem to think that they’ll find some pathway to richness beyond their wildest dreams. This usually involves either real estate, stock options or (less frequently) network marketing. The reality is that passive income is VERY seldom, if ever, achieved, and furthermore, its pursuit is a waste of time.

Virtually all wealth creation strategies involve you investing your time in exchange for increasing amounts of money. Through moving from being an Employee to being a Business Owner and Investor, you can increase your hourly rate, but at the end of the day if you stop working, you’ll lose your money.

If you don’t keep your eyes on the real estate market, your property portfolio will stagnate and decline. If you’re watching the stockmarket, even taking a few days off can cost you a fortune – especially if you’re involved in options. And if you’re in network marketing, you’ll always have to look after your downline, no matter how deep you get, or how wide you get.

Even if you’re being paid $100 per hour, $1,000 per hour or $10,000 per hour of your time, you must understand this:

You are still trading your time for money.

And if you have to spend an hour a week doing something that you don’t like, you’re still a slave to money. But before Rich Dad gets too upset: it’s not that Kiyosaki is wrong: He’s just simplified things!

I propose a different concept: I propose that you look beyond passive income. When you dream of a time when you no longer have to work, and start to imagine what you could do… what you might do… what you would _love_ to do… then you’re getting closer to going beyond passive income.

Beyond Passive Income is about living your life, and letting the Universe look after the details. When you identify where your passions lie, find a way to fulfill your needs and desires as a by-product of doing these things, and activate this, you will experience a life filled with happiness, love, wealth and perhaps most importantly of all: Fulfillment.

You have a unique contribution to make to this beautiful world. It is a contribution that nobody else can make – ever. Rather, it is a song that you must sing if you want to feel truly fulfilled. The trouble is that many people believe that they’ll make money, and then they’ll do what they really want. Yet it overlooks a fundamental characteristic of human beings:

You can feel happy now.

You do not _need_ anything to feel anything! You can choose to feel happy right now by remembering a time that you felt happy. You can feel grateful right now if you think about all the wonderful gifts that you have and how fortunate you are to be where you are right now. And furthermore, you will only feel happy when you choose to feel happy now.

Happiness is a core skill that most people screw up! They delude themselves into thinking that they need to be making $1m/year or have a 32″ waist or be passionately in love with their gorgeous, brilliant and fascinating life partner, who feels the same way about them. It’s a LIE!

You can choose to feel happy right now. Certainly, you should choose pathways that lead you to places where you’re more likely to encounter experiences that will lead you to happiness than will lead you to unhappiness. But still remember that all events are but images on the outside of the building, and the inhabitants are only affected to the extent that they look outside.

So find your passion – your unique contribution to the world – and do it until you don’t know the difference between work and play! Build an empire to last 1000 years if that’s what turns you on! Find your life partner with whom you can share your deepest secrets, fears and hopes. Care for your physical body, so that you may be strong and healthy.

Take responsibility for your experience of life.

Happiness is the means and the ends of the purpose of your life.

Choose to be happy.

Originally written 17/9/03 11:17 am