Alec Baldwin is a failure as an actor?

Alec Baldwin is a well-known actor. Many would consider him successful. He has starred in many moves and appears in popular television shows. Yet he sees himself a failure. Just recently, he said, “I consider my entire movie career a complete failure.”

I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How?”

Rather than trying to reassure him that he wasn’t, or denying that he was a failure, I got curious and wondered how he could feel a failure after so much ‘success’. And sure enough, the answers were clear too. For him,

“The goal of movie-making is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that.”

And although he starred in the 1990 action film The Hunt for Red October, which made more than $200m, it was successful because it was based on a popular Tom Clancy novel – not because of his performance.

Damn, people can be hard on themselves!

He feels that his career is a failure not because it “is” – after all, how can we really define whether someone’s career is a success or a failure? But he feels that is is a failure because of how he defines success.

What do you want most? What drives you?







Each of us have many things that drive us. Some things that pull us forward – that we want to experience something. And maybe there are other things that we desperately want to avoid.

We all want to experience different things. And that’s great – that’s one of the things that drives the rich and diverse world in which we live. Yet how well are we setting ourselves up to feel good? There are so many ways that we can find to feel bad. And there are so many things in the world today about which we could feel bad if we wanted.

Feelings – good and bad – are a process. We have a mechanism for feel happy or sad, excited or anxious, loving or angry. If you can get to know how you feel the way that you do, you can find yourself back in the driver’s seat.

What could happen if you could feel better more and more often?

3 comments on “Alec Baldwin is a failure as an actor?

  1. I think the problem nowadays is that people are never given praise for their achievements and often people never receive enough or the necessary reassurance to make them want to strive more. I guess this is only my thought?

  2. I think we are given plenty of praise, and Baldwin has won his share. It’s about how you view your own success, which is very personal. You could make billions of dollars singing in a rock band, but if you feel you never wrote your Stairway to Heaven, you will probably never be happy with your work. I thought Baldwin drove the movie Glengarry Glenross, because his performance set the tone for the whole movie. He didn’t even need to be in the rest of it and you could feel him in it.

    Anyway, what drives me is the desire to end ethnic conflict by tackling it at its roots. Every word I write that I feel might change a person’s mind for the better is a success.

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