Looking forward to more EVs

Shai Agassi is a pretty inspiring kinda guy. Having been a jet at SAP, he’s shot into space proclaiming the benefits of replacing internal combustion engines with batteries and motors. It’s a pretty cool thought really.

You might ask, “But what about when you run out of power?” And Shai is glad that you did.

In a few years – if Shai has his way of course – it’ll be a simple matter of dropping through the convenient Better Place to swap your old battery for a new one… and with that, cars get an ‘unlimited range’. Well, at least as much as cars do.

Pretty brilliant piece of business design too. Not only does the company answer a really big problem (how to give electric vehicles the range they need) but it could create a massive disruption to the existing oil-based infrastructure network. Things could get messy I guess.

Australia is coming (supposedly)… I wonder when we’ll see it in China. More on this announcement at Wired.

Create an awesome idea. Change the world.

2 comments on “Looking forward to more EVs

  1. The answer is: not soon – since Shai was fired and Better Place company went bankrupt.

    The solution is within Tesla cars

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how history views this, Yariv!
    Whether the technology, the business model or the timing was flawed, Better Place held such promise and embodied such hope.
    Having spun around Tokyo in a Roadster, I’m sure looking forward to taking a Tesla home. Yet while Elon is shaping up as a 21st Century Tesla himself, as much as Tesla is a good business, I don’t see how they have “the solution”. Their technologies (viz high capacity batteries and high output lightweight motors) are excellent but not so fundamentally superior to demand disruptive innovation and don’t create a natural monopoly or network effect as Better Place could have offered. Not yet at least.

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