Years ago, I found that I could survive on 4.5h sleep but…

Years ago, I found I could survive on 4.5 hours of sleep per night but that my creativity died. Seems that Jim Collins feels the same way

It was while I was at university, and while I found that I could work hard enough to get some of my best academic results, I felt drained. Not that I couldn’t think – but just that I could only think within the rules. I couldn’t look beyond the rules, frameworks and paradigms that were presented to me, and I certainly couldn’t explore the connections between systems. So I went back to enjoying dreams.

Still, it was a worthwhile experiment!

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  1. I found that a similar thing happened when I used coffee to do assignments. Did some really great work, but it completely destroyed any creativity to think beyond the parameters of the set assignment. Which works well for uni (unfortunately), but I shudder to think what coffee might have done to society as a whole.

  2. Great point – though I don’t think it would be coffee as much as the lack of sleep that would be to blame, would it?

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