A General Evaluation

Last Monday night, I gave an evaluation of the meeting of China’s oldest Toastmasters Club, Shanghai No. 1, at their 499th meeting. You can watch it above but some of the key points are below:

  • Utilization: Use whatever happens to get across your message.
  • Frame the message and prepare the audience.
  • Say less; communicate more.
  • Take your time. When you do, speak with a purpose.
  • Share the emotional component of the message, not just the content.
  • Everytime we stand up, we’re looking to expand our skills.
  • Set the frame – when you speak, identify the criteria for success or at least the guidelines that you are working towards.
  • There are no excuses – don’t make them for yourself or give them to other people. Give your best.
  • When things go wrong, strive to make the problem invisible. Make it look as though it was part of the plan.

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  1. You have inspired me to go searching for a Toastmasters club in Taiwan that fits in with my schedule again Dan…..PS- Great GE.


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