Remembering the importance of state

This afternoon I grabbed a coffee with Greg Layton. Greg and I went to school near each other and even studied business at the same time, though it was NLP that finally led us to meet. He had spent a few months training with my good friends Chris and Jules Collingwood, taking out his Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and as he shared with me his inspiring experiences, I was reminded of the importance of state.

Sometimes we are happy; sometimes we are excited; sometimes we are not so resourceful – some of us might even be a bit grumpy from time to time. That state – our subjective emotional condition – opens and closes possibilities. It’s like a pair of sunglasses that tints the way we see the world.

And for colour blind people like me, those filters change what we can see at all.

Greg reminded me how important it is that we can get back into our core state of being.

It’s about alignment. We can be happier and more fulfilled when we deliberately design our experiences and our lives so that we can move towards that core state consistently.

5 comments on “Remembering the importance of state

  1. When you are being you. When you are centred. When you are being authentic and real and honest. When you’re not trying to prove anything to anybody.

    When you’re just being “you”.

  2. interesting! This is the second time I am hearing you talking bout “being you”.

  3. Find an NLP training experience near you.
    I mostly work with people in China, especially Shanghai, but there are many great teachers when you’re sincerely looking to learn.
    Then get ready to immerse yourself into it… self-paced is great, but to be competent you might be better off finding someone who can teach you what you want to know and help you move where you want to go, rather than just spending months (or even years) trying to explore a jungle.

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