Who needs a laptop??

I’ve been using my phone as a laptop replacement for a while. It became especially easy to do when I got my Redfly (here is my earlier post) but even before that my HTC TyTN II has been my mobile email-word processor-spreadsheet-GPS-whatever-else-a-laptop-would-do and a bit more.

But it’s finally made the WSJ and on InternetNews a few days beforehand.

My laptop now sits connected to its second screen and array of peripherals that make any desktop I ever had look impoverished (external HDD, colour laser printer etc)… and it’s likely to stay there until I get around to upgrading the processor – when I’ll move it out and back into place a few hours later.

Best of all it’s good for the environment: by replacing the desktop (possibly with a mostly-stationary laptop) we have one less piece of junk to dump into landfill.