What’s next?

One of the beautiful things about my life is that there have been some very clear stages. There was primary school. There was high school. As I spent a long time in University, most of that time was broken up into smaller parts. There was “the election”. There were my Sydney adventures. And more recently there has been my time in Shanghai. In each case, there has been a clear transition point.

We use transition points to mark the start and finish of a period. Whether it’s the school bell or the lunch whistle.

Maybe it’s a home. When we move from one place to another, that final closing of the door can have much greater importance than just closing the door. When I moved into my first apartment in Shanghai, I slept on the floor for the first night because there was no bed – but at least that place was mine!

Sometimes we take photos of these special occasions. Oftimes we don’t.

How can we deliberately create these special events? How can we design experiences that are worth photographing? If you want to make a decision – to move forward in a new direction or just to draw a line in the sand – how can you help create that new sense of identity with a symbol, ritual or an experience?

It doesn’t need to be with a special handshake and a funny-sounding word. It just has to work for you…