I have a new toy

Like my Redfly
Just like mine...

I love gadgets. For years, I obsessed about Palm Pilots… and I ended up having seven of them before moving to smartphones. When I got my 8Gb MicroSD six months ago for my HTC TyTN II mobile phone, I was almost as stoked as when I got my old favourite ThinkOutside bluetooth folding keyboard. But my Redfly mobile companion (from Celio Corp) tops the lot!

It’s a simple concept: Take your high-powered mobile phone and give it a decent screen, a keyboard and a long battery life. Use the processor and memory inside your phone and finally get to use the full power of this device you carry around all the time instead of lugging around a laptop.

It took four days to make the journey across the Pacific (from Salt Lake City to Shanghai) to arrive in my eager hands… and just a few minutes to find a suitable cable to plug it in and get it turned on.

So far so good… actually, so far sooo amazing!!!

Something that I really love about it is how easy it has been to use. Great design: Easy, intuitive and smooth. So much so that I might not even bother with a keypad on my next phone…

It really disappointed me when Palm lacked the confidence to back itself with the Foleo, only to be beaten with huge stick of regret when the Asus Eee PC was released weeks later (damn Engadget!)… and wonderful that I can now get the same kind of thing – even if it is a year later!