To me, the ultimate is living a life of purpose and passion…

Over on Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week blog, I have been enjoying an interesting conversation about the impact of compound investment of time – rather than just money.

While I believe that the ultimate is living a life of passion and purpose rather than making an arbitrary amount of money or even enjoying a particular lifestyle, Tim’s concepts express notions that I believe have a great deal of value.

Check him out sometime – and he’s in Sydney this coming week!

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I really liked your comment and response to my question. I have to say that having lived in Australia, I have a deep admiration for your culture. I was amazed at how many people would go to the beach right after work, work out on the beach in the morning, have bbq’s during the week, and enjoy their life regardless of how much they worked. It was truly an eye opening experience. Afterwards, I spent a month driving in a campervan around the South Island in New Zealand (with an Australian and my boyfriend).

    Have you found that ultimate freedom of time and resources that TF has discovered? Have you ever experienced the questions that are passing through my head? I know that Australians are known for their love of traveling and adventure. You also mentioned working in China at the moment. By the way, hope all is well after the earthquake. How is that shaping your current experiences? I am very excited to hear your experiences.



  2. Dan, Good article. Agree with the concept of Compound Time. The value of time can compound, as long as we are going towards a direction, i.e., purpose or goal.

    There’s an ancient story in China called “Poles Apart”. It says that a man from Kingdom Wei was well equiped and rushed to another country called Chu. When people asked him where he was going to, he replied: Chu! People told him he was going the wrong direction. He said: “I don’t care. I have the best equipment. My horses and my team are the best. Our speed is very fast. I will arrive at Chu soon. I have no time to talk” Although a lot of people reminded him, he got angry and impatient. He continued his old way. We all can guess the result.

    While the story is funny, a lot of people are doing the similar thing. People work too hard and get no time to review their progress, direction and purposes. To compound our time value, we need time to think.

  3. Looks very interesting – will be acquiring a copy. Hope all is well for you in SH! Canada beckons anytime you want to drop by – free room & board for as long as you like (and it’s not so cold – at least at the moment).

  4. @Olgs – I’m very lucky to come from a place that values ‘quality of life’ as it does… probably one of the reasons that Australians are famous (infamous?) for partying so well 🙂
    For me, I felt intuitively called to be in China. It’s something to do with witnessing first-hand the greatest demographic shift that the world has ever witnessed, perhaps something to do with the ‘buzz’ that Shanghai has right now, and doubtless for a range of other deep-seated issues that I’m yet to uncover! But I love my life 🙂
    There are many things that I’m still working on, but I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of wonderous opportunities.
    So, for me, I feel very much ‘on purpose’ where I’m at right now… hell, as I write this, I’m “working” at a leadership camp for university students in Hong Kong – I’m struggling to imagine how to upgrade this, but I’m sure I’ll find a way soon!

    I hear your questions too. For me, the answer is to do what you love… live the life that you were born to live – do it because it’s right: and never because of the money.

    @Rayling – thanks for your story! It’s a great way to highlight the need to sharpen the saw or whatever other metaphor expresses the need to reflect and deliberately think about what you’re doing. It’s far too easy to drift along… we’ve all done it (or at least I have!)

    @David C – mate, great to hear that Edmonton is finally melting! I’m looking forward to experiencing some more great times with you over there!
    And Tim’s stuff is awesome – not much that’s terribly revolutionary, but in a style that I know you would appreciate 🙂

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