Powerful concepts

Sometimes we come across ideas that change the way we see the world. Reading The Fountainhead as a barely-teenager shifted my model of the world radically by presenting values and attitudes that I didn’t again question for many years.

There were a few key books while I was in business school that had a similar impact – like Strategy Maps and Foundations of Corporate Success. One paradigm that hasn’t made it to much of a book format but that did leave a big impact was the work of Jason Potts and his work in Micro-Meso-Macro economics… so here is a link to the article that he used as a working paper for the subject that I did with him. It is pretty academic in expression, but I really liked the concept.

To me, this structure applies very neatly to business development, personal development and even social development… I would have loved to have used the framework when writing my paper on Objectivism while studying Political Economy.

It also helps make sense of how the rate of technology diffusion has such a seemingly disproportionate impact on development – it is still amazing to me that it takes about 47 years for world-changing inventions to diffuse.