Personal Excellence?

I’ve been fascinated by genius and personal excellence for almost 15 years now yet there is still very little of a satisfactory definition. Last night I was speaking with some friends on the subject of personal excellence and we really struggled with the very definition of the term. Somebody said it was getting above 80% (or 90% or 95%) – because that’s what it is at school. But that’s just a number – and not a very reliable or useful number at that!

To me, excellence has to be more than ‘good’ – being good, or even very good. Being very good is so common  that it doesn’t even rate a mention these days: anybody can do it.

For me, excellence has something to do with finding your voice. Finding that part of yourself that is unique and developing yourself so that you can share it with the world. There are countless pathways to finding your voice… from NLP to work to psychotherapy to karate to mysticism to religion to intimate relationships and even sex itself.

I find that we are all drawn towards finding our voice. We are pulled towards what we enjoy and pushed away from that which we find painful. Sometimes, our conditioning or external conditions lead us to ignore these messages – that’s why we need to shut up and listen as my friend Jason says – but ultimately the message is still there.

Once we have enough excitement and diversity, enough security and stability, enough power and enough love, most of us are drawn to two higher needs: to expand and to impact. To expand is to learn and grow so that we can become greater; to impact is to leave an impression and a contribution in the world.

Personal excellence can come back values. While reviewing my NLP Master Practitioner materials yesterday, I was reminded of the ‘levels of consciousness’ concept. This model holds that individuals and societies and even the world progresses as it changes its way of thinking.

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