Being a great customer

Sometimes you get great service. This morning I grabbed breakfast from my usual local cafe – the BaBaiBan Waga’s. It’s seven minutes walk (yes, I timed it) from my front door and on the route that I take for my usual morning walk. I always get great service there – I know greeted Lisa (the barrista) by name this morning and was pleasantly surprised that she even remembered mine! I guess I really am a regular…

My dear friend and great mentor, John, taught me by example how to get along with service staff. He showed me how to chit-chat, greet them as people (rather than ‘servants’ or machines as they often get treated), and how to show sincere appreciation for their work. It’s become very much part of how I live and think, though this morning this HBS article helped make my understanding that much more explicit.

If we want to get great service – like I do there and at my local restaurant in particular – we can try being demanding, respectful, reliable, surprising and engaging. Just five things that make all the difference…

Oh – and my cappucino was absolutely the best that I’ve tasted anywhere in the world – Lisa really worked a miracle with firm froth and a rich yet smooth flavour 🙂

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