Self-actualisation was the phrase used by Maslow to denote the fulfillment of our highest human needs – an experience that we can all work towards yet very few attain. Self-actualised people are detached from the good opinions of others and have no desire for power over others; they follow their bliss and are true to themselves. Perhaps it is this pursuit that led my grandfather to spend so long nurturing his precious lawn!Here are some of the key characteristics for you to consider.

  • Realistic
  • Self-accepting
  • Spontaneous, simple and natural
  • Purpose-driven
  • Detached and objective
  • Live in the present moment with curiosity and freshness
  • Peak experience-driven
  • Shares compassion and profound love
  • Honours people for their humanity, accepting themselves and those around them
  • Focused in the moment, means and ends are inseparable
  • Enjoys humor but not at the expense of others
  • Creative and not attached to culturation
  • Resolves apparent dichotomies through appreciating the unity that lies beyond appearances

You cannot achieve enough to be happy. But you can happily achieve.

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