A happy woman and a man on a mission

On Sunday afternoon, I was discussing with a friend what we really love in a woman. Turns out that it wasn’t someone who cooked well or looks beautiful in a bikini (though we do appreciate such things!) but rather that we love being with a girl that is happy within herself. We love girls who radiate their happiness out to the world, so that when we walk along with them, we can bask in their beauty rather than being relied upon to “make them happy”.

I was just thinking about what women love in men and it occurred to me that there is a very similar dynamic. The best girls that I know (or at least my type!) don’t want to be with a man who constantly makes her happy: They want to be with a man on a mission. They want to be with a man who has a purpose in life, a reason for being and motivation for existence that is actually more than her… it’s almost like they want to be with a man who is going somewhere so that they can just focus on radiating their beauty while he looks after where they are going and how they are getting there.

Still, I’m not sure that all women really want to be with compassionate, non-needy yang men who love unconditionally and honour the paths that people choose for themselves… I’ve met a few women for whom such men would be frightening and confronting!

I haven’t always known this. And even when I have “thought” this to be the case, I haven’t always behaved accordingly. But it seems to fit to me for the moment…

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  1. After coming out of a long term relationship, I can say that the reason why I ended it, was because he didn’t have a purpose or wasn’t a man ‘on a mission’. It was also true that for me, I was looking at him to ‘make me happy’. And sadly, he thought lavishing me with gifts would make me happy. Well, they did, but only temporarily.

    We all have different needs and expectations. Qualities/attributes that we look for in partners vary so much. Some people are just content with going with the flow and living each day as it comes. Others want to live a purposeful life, and make a difference in this world. I find the latter so much more attractive 🙂

    I hope I can speak for others when I say that we want to be with someone who makes us happy in the present, but is also planning for the future and wanting to make it a better place.

  2. You are a f_____t. p__s off. you don’t know anything about girls. you obviously don’t have a girlfriend because you clearly don’t know $#!t. Grow some hair on that forehead while you’re at it!

  3. @angela – thanks for your message. It’s funny how sometimes people say things that really push our buttons and take us away from the pure, loving and caring person that we really are. May you find your peace with the sort of person that you deserve and that makes you ecstatically happy.

    To find that person, or to be happy on your own, you might want to let go of your anger.

    Good luck!

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