The wonders of Shanghai

Contrast is a wonderful thing. This is my third time in Shanghai, though my first in summer. Even though many of my friends – like the lovely Ingrid whose piano concert at the Oriental Art Centre last night was sensational – are struggling with the oppressive heat and humidity, for me it’s actually a really nice change to have consistent 30+ degree days.

Looking out from the 38th floor of the Eton this morning, I was struck by the contrasts of this great city. I saw the Oriental Pearl, Jin Mao and the nearly complete World Financial Centre, yet at the same time there were vacant blocks along the northern waterfront of PuDong… and a road that couldn’t be completed because there was still an apartment block in the way!

Shanghai is smelly, messy and chaotic, yet there are still amazing things happening here.
Let me put in a plug for the best cafe in Shanghai: Gallery Mondu at 93 DanShui Rd… right at the northern end of XinTianDi – their coffee is the best I’ve tasted anywhere, the service is truly exceptional and the venue combines sophisticated design with sublime functionality. Get there before 11pm!

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at the workshop that I’m running tomorrow afternoon – it should be great! It has prompted me to rework in preparation for the new era in my work there.