How to be a marketer or marketeer or entrepreneur

Since so much of business comes down to marketing and there are a bunch of people interested in being “an entrepreneur” I really liked this quote from Seth Godin:

When I talk to people who want to become marketers, I almost always tell them to go start something and go market something. The same advice for 15 year olds and seniors. Turning off the TV and building a Cafe Press store is not only free, but it starts to build a professional-skills asset for the long haul. Pay as much as you need to for things that matter, and as little as you can for things that don’t. And never borrow money to pay for something that goes down in value.

Creating a business is more than just coming up with a cool idea. Innovation is about converting those cool ideas into money… so whether you’re like my mate Mike and want to create a company around mobile messenging, like Olivia and Fi who want to help small companies outsource their communications and public relations work or whatever your dream might be, there are some great ways to learn what you need to learn… and still keep the safety net for a while.