Beautiful basics

I spent a year or so picking up an MBA a few years back. It was great fun and I learnt heaps, but there was a lot of wasted time. At one point, it occurred to me that it would be great if you could get a “key learnings” information dump – a collection of the most useful concepts, models and information… key learnings from an MBA or MFA or PhD or whatever.

After all, it’s the learning that we need, not the sheet of paper!

As I thought about the ‘key learnings’ concept more generally, I heard yesterday that a Creation “Science” Museum had been established in the USA. While I have great respect for religious beliefs, I really have a hard time accepting that blindly accepting an arbitrary and unnecessarily complex explanation for the world is really ‘holy’

After yesterday hearing about the establishment of a Creation “Science” museum in the USA (a way for neo-fundamentalist idealogues to indoctrinate their children with convenient ‘truths’), it was reassuring to come across The Canon, a book that expresses basic science that we should all know. (Dworkin might go too far for my liking, I think he’s misled rather than deluded.)

If we’re going to compete in the real world, we need to know something about it!

There’s a lot of information that intelligent and informed members of the modern world need. Our schools are trying to disseminate some of that information, but with the acceleration in knowledge creation, we need to keep learning… fast! I guess it’s another reason to visit The Genius Project‘s Zone.