Chris Howard rocks – and it’s free!!!

I’ve seen a lot of great speakers and been made a heap of great offers. But having just spent a weekend with Chris Howard, the standard has been reset entirely. If you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or the UK, you need to go here and register for their next event… for FREE.

Much of the material is based on basic NLP methods and techniques, but what I found astounding about the 30 or so hours of training that Chris delivered was that the 2000 people in Brisbane weren’t just learning about the topic, they were experiencing some of the most beautiful and artful language patterns that you’re likely to come across to help install the techniques and learnings, rather than just knowing about the topic.

BTS offers some great experiences for creating a propulsion system, letting go of limitations and focusing upon the world that you really want to experience. If you want to know more, email me through the contact page.

I want all my friends and family to take advantage of the offer that they are making… that allows me to give you two tickets absolutely for free!!! Just click here and register right now – even if you can’t get there in the end, register for your place now… it’s going to be huge!!!