The Rules and Laws of Life and Success

There are the Seven Habits, the 48 Laws and The Rules. So many different models and theories, mostly unvalidated, frequently so abstract that they border on platitudes. But since these books represent some of the most popular and perhaps at times thought provoking pieces of work, perhaps some consideration ought be given.

I like The Rules of Work. It’s simple and applied. I prefer Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power – but it’s a little more abstract, even in the pocket version, but the style is magnificent. Of course, if you don’t know Covey’s Seven Habits by now (and even his Eighth Habit – find your voice and help others find their’s), perhaps you should wake up and smell the self-help section of your favourite bookstore.

The enduring challenge is that books don’t succeed: People succeed. No matter how abstract or applied, the challenge remains how to convert concepts into reality into results… and, to me, how to have a hell of a fun time along the way!