Ideas that mess with your head

The way that you think is largely a product of your experiences. Our friends and the books that we read are great starting point,and the internet a great opportunity equaliser. Now, while our upbringing and early life, formal education and significant events have a massive impact in how we see things, what if you hung around some of the most brilliant minds in the world for a few days?

There are a couple of these impactful events of intense stimulation now – Davos, Clinton Global Initiative and a miriad of seminars come to mind – but one of the most accessible could just be TED. They’ve just increased their price by 50% (from $4,000 to $6,000pa) but damn they come out with some awesome stuff!

Check out this video that shows what may be the future for our computer screens for example.

(They even had Tony Robbins along this year – though looking like he really needs some help with a suit that fits!)