My life as a goldfish…

For me, clocks sometimes stop. Particularly on Sundays, time used to have no meaning at all – if I’ve arranged to meet with you (especially on a Sunday!), you might have noticed just how loose can be my concept of time!

Having been playing with NLP for more than a decade now, I found it really refreshing to give myself a quick review of some of the concepts that I hadn’t explored for a while: Timelines.

As I was listening to part of the NLP Practitioner CDs, I noticed that I had become intensely focused on the present moment… almost to the point that the past and future were irrelevant. This makes for intense and wonderful experiences, though has its risks!

And as I elicited my timeline, I realised that my timeline went almost straight up at the front for the future, and straight down at the back for the past, so that I had very little concept of the future and very little care about the past! One of the cool things is that you can put your timeline wherever you might like it to be… so I’m going to play with it some more!

When I’ve been in time – living in the moment – I’ve often been late without a care in the world… heck, it’s a wonderfully intense experience of life! The challenge is ensuring that you have the flexibility to adopt the appropriate attitude towards time that the situation demands.

When we’re setting goals, we need to be able to be aware of the timelines that are involved rather than being immersed in the experience. Under the MBTI system, Perceivers tend to be “in time” whereas Judgers tend to be “through time”; planning demands that you are a judger; being a focused, goal-directed achiever demands that you be a judger.

In a sense, being totally in the moment – a total perceiver – provides an amazing subjective experience of life! Maybe we need to choose the appropriate frame of reference for the circumstances…

What if you had a trigger to switch into a more useful way of looking at time?