Style guide and healing broken hearts

I’ve just finished creating the first version of the new style guide on Shirts and and would love your thoughts.

In the past few days, I’ve been thinking about relationships. I’ve seen some interesting relationships, and been in a few that could probably give enough material for several soap operas. The following proposition just occurred to me last night:

There are no broken hearts – only closed ones.

Only your ego can actually get hurt. The heart or higher self knows only love, compassion and acceptance, but we can sometimes deal with our emotions in such a way that we close our hearts as a defence mechanism against our ego getting hurt. Closing the heart will hurt us the most by blocking wisdom, killing our self esteem and attracting the wrong people.

There is a fear of totally opening, accepting and allowing… if you’re going to be hurt, it doesn’t matter if your heart is open or closed – you’re going to be hurt!

It’s not that it is ‘wrong’ to close your heart… it’s just that it doesn’t work!

Thanks to my friend Stephane for helping me finally get this!