Personal genius from third founder of YouTube

Jawed Karim is the third founder of YouTube, the not-yet-profitable company that Google just bought for $1.65b. After making a few million from being involved with PayPal before it was bought by eBay (also for a billion and a half dollars), Jawed just went back to school. Indeed, this New York Times story reports that he’s gone back to finish a masters degree at Stanford.

The kid (he’s a year younger than me!) seems to be pretty amazingly brilliant, and I started to wonder why. Maybe his father being a researcher for 3M could help, as could his mother being a research A/Prof Biochemist. When explaining Jawed’s interest in science and technology, I really got some insight into the mindset of this family: “To develop new things and be aware of new things, this is our life.”

He even chose his first college because it was the college that Netscape’s founder attended!

Creative genius is an amazing thing…

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  1. Dan You Tube is great as there are so many small clips on it worth watching. I have watched some documentaries on it and it has all the introduction clips to those old television shows from the past. I don’t know if you were a fan of the Muppets as a kid but the imagination that went into that show was fantastic. It was a real treat as a kid to watch all of these muppets having their own personality, providing entertainment at the same time.

    At interesting post and yes creativity is a great attribute

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