Is perfection possible?

“You know you have achieved perfection in design,” Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the great adventurer, once wrote, “not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.”

While design and creativity are noble concepts and innovation a powerful notion, the reality is that it is very difficult to operationalise design quality. It seems self-evident to reduce such questions back to the desired values… but what are they?

While growth and development is part of education, discrimination remains one of the fundamental purposes… the challenge is how are we to discriminate fairly?

One comment on “Is perfection possible?

  1. I think perfection is something we can all work upon but in a society where there are so many distractions and material possessions, then sadly this seems to generate more importance. I believe as an individual or rather as individuals we need to encourage ourselves and then others to work towards a better way of performance and conduct. During the Great Depression in the mid 1930’s, Franklin Roosevelt dealt with an American populace which was highly depressed and sunken in the midst of hardship and despair. Roosevelt encouraged works to overcome this problem such as the Hoover Dam and other projects to ensure people were kept busy and self esteem on the increase. In our society we too can achieve the same by encouraging performance and productivity rather than to remain in the status quo. A lot of people put up obstacles in order to better themselves and to work towards perfection but such barriers are needed to be overcome by way of encouragement and challenge. I think too much in today’s world is focused on what we are not doing and criticism of those who cannot achieve expectations but with more praise and encouragement then perhaps a turn around is highly likely. Think about it rather than tell a person what they can’t do try to encourage them to do better and work towards a better means of advancement. Hope this makes sense.


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