Globalising health care

A while back, I was thinking about the future of health care. While I appreciate the great health care that we receive in Australia, globalisation is starting to have an impact… and I wonder where it’s going.

While outsourcing pregnancy (aka surrogate pregnancy) is a fascinating concept, more relevant for many of us is having the more general concept of medical tourism. To me, it’s another example of how development occurs when developed economies offshore their lower value activities – the best sort of foreign aid that we can offer!

While I salute the efforts of guys like Dion at to lower the cost of health care within Australia, some of the bigger picture solutions are going to involve enterprises like Planet Hospital. These guys assert that they can give you great care from top doctors in some of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world… for a fraction of the price.

2 comments on “Globalising health care

  1. A global health scheme seems an interesting concept. With the spread of more worldwide diseases such as ‘bird flu’ a global approach to dealing with this problem seems inevitable. Therefore a means of global healthcare would be a necessity. Would you consider such a scheme would need some type of control and from whom? Such a system would more than likely end up in the hands of the Americans but perhaps something may be devised which may prove successful?

  2. Like with most things, power doesn’t go to the ‘right’ person: It goes to the one who shows that they know how to use it. Planet Hospital is an early solution – but certainly won’t be the last!

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