Making it matter

I’m fascinated by high performance. I have been ever since high school. It’s what led me into psychology, and then catapulted me into business (with Effective Learning Solutions), it’s what sent me back to uni to do an MBA… and a chain of adventures with The Honour Society,, Free Real Estate… and is the foundation for my pursuit of The Genius Project, which focuses upon the nature of high performance.

But the funny thing that I’m finding as I study more and more extreme achievers is that they’re not ‘in the game’ for the usual reasons. If you look at creative genius, you’ll find that they’re far more likely to be motivated by mastery over the domain than wealth, recognition or any other extrinsic reward. It’s not that they set out to achieve the honour and the acclaim and the wealth; those are just the things that follow when you go about your task with commitment, discipline and tenacity.

It was great to find Seth making the same observation about business people… how the greatest businesses often spring from some revolutionary freak who thinks that his or her idea is cool enough… not that it will make them a millionare, but that it is just a really cool idea!

I wonder… what if you had something that was really cool?

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  1. Hi Performance is something to value and unfortunately for many people such distractions of material possessions and the me me society get in the way. Working at a University Library, I see many students who simply don’t invest the time into high performance and the ability to think. One of the people I most admire in History is Socrates because he challenged people to question and think about themselves. He gave way to the rise of thinkers among who were Plato and Aristotle. Socrates was criticised for challenging people to think and sadly his actions led to his death from the fear amongst others around him. The ability to think and question as well as to seek company of thinking people is a great reward. The search for more information and answers can be found as well as the injection of creativity. I am saddened that within our Education system too much focus is not directed into the benefits of learning and those who have the opportunity to learn simply waste it. Working in a Library, I challenge students to think and explore information relating to the work and study. It is difficult to do but it is the underlying reason for academic development. I also encourage people who I believe have ability to do better and to make change to take on situations to develop themselves more. I feel in society we don’t encourage people to expand on their strengths as we simply place more emphasis on what we want rather than what another person can deliver



  2. Good for you.
    While it is great to encourage others to be their best, I know that I have used such coaching and encouragement and being a ‘saviour’ as a distraction to actually having the courage to do it myself.

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