Climbing trees?

There is a lot of pressure on to succeed.

Sadly, for most of us working is something that we ‘have to do’ rather than something that lights us up. While I believe strongly that you should Design Your Life, a bit of strategy is important. Whether we stick with that strategy or not, and whether it is conscious does not matter. Ultimately, we want to climb up the right ‘tree’.

Perhaps, in that case, we should look around until we find that right tree, then climb it. But what if there is no ‘right’ tree? In that case, perhaps we should learn how to swing as we walk along to the peaceful clearing, scenic lookout and spectacular waterfall, yet all the while remaining focused on the moment before us.

One comment on “Climbing trees?

  1. Sadly I believe that work places reflect are somewhat negative and pressured atmosphere. This creates the problem of people becoming what I believed detached from their surrounds. I feel that positive change can be implemented into the workplace to make people feel they are achieving result while maintaining purpose. While in the Fruit Shop the other day getting purchasing some fruit, I noticed the Shop Keeper admonish his worker for wheeling a Fruit Trolley over a floor he had recently moped. I felt sorry for this young lad in that rather than politely informing and guiding this lad, he instead received criticism. Too much criticism and not enough encouragement has a negative effect on people. If you want to make people grow and become better at who they are and what they do, I feel you need to encourage and guide them on the right path. For this boy in the Fruit Shop, a simple explanation would have been better than to have implemented criticism. I know that common sense should have been applied by the boy but even so if we criticise one person then inevitably they will criticise another and a vicious circle begins. I feel too much in society that there is not enough praise given and it is easier to criticise a person instead. I learnt an important lesson from my Grandmother and my Mother that if you talk about others behind their backs then ‘what goes around comes around’. It is better not to fuel fires but to rather put them out. In relation to your climbing the right tree post Dan, I feel we all climb trees but sometimes we need to be encouraged to climb our own tree more.



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