Becoming an early riser

Steve quotes Aristotle in saying that It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.
So I’ve decided to become an early riser.

When I started teaching karate, my first regular class was a 6am session in Brisbane’s CBD. It was a great challenge, and I never liked having to get up at such a ridiculous hour of the morning. But I did it. Since stopping teaching karate regularly, I have reset my body clock and now more typically rise much later in the day. This morning, and after a late night, I rose at the gentile hour of 10 or 11… the way that I prefer to start my Sunday.

My alarm is set for 5am tomorrow morning. I still may not answer you if you call at that hour of course…

2 comments on “Becoming an early riser

  1. It was also Benjamin Franklin who said “Early to bed, Early to Rise makes a good man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Sometimes rising early is difficult but in some ways it is good for self discipline. The fact you took a class so early in the day is a good example of self discipline. In fact we need a bit of a challenge now and then. On some Sunday mornings, I have to rise early to attend Church so that I play my part in assisting with the meeting of that morning. One of the most beautiful events is to see the sun rise in the early morning and marvel at its beauty and the fact we are alive to see it and bask in its glory.

  2. I saw the sun rise a few times last week, once even from Mt Coot-tha… as you said it can be lovely. I’m guessing that our learned Mr Franklin might have been paraphrasing Aristotle rather than the other way around 😉

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