The Secrets and Laws and Manifestation

Family folklore says that one of my aunts profited so much out of buying a Tony Robbins CD set by sello it on eBay for more than she’d paid for it on late night TV, not ever having listened past the first day…

The Secret is a cool movie… it’s all about the law of attraction and spiritual wealth and abundance, like so many others have spoken about in the past. I attracted a copy of the DVD last week – really, a friend just gave it to me as I sat in a cafe in the early morning – and I have enjoyed watching this documentary-statement of faith that is calling itself a movie.

When you have the opportunity, and you feel so called, do have a look… it’s interesting and could be valuable for you. Their website could also have some interesting material.

I felt it also opportune to reflect upon Deepak’s 7 Laws of Spiritual Success:

  1. Pure potentiality
  2. Giving
  3. Cause and effect
  4. Least effort
  5. Intention and desire
  6. Detachment
  7. Dharma/ purpose in life

Whatever they might mean to you…