If God didn’t exist, would we have invented Him/Her?

Distinguishing between what is real and what is not is always a challenging exercise. Most of us can remember sights, sounds and feelings that we have had in the past (nostalgia can be a beautiful feeling!), and almost all of us have had dreams. Yet how can we tell the difference between the memory or the dream and the real world around us?

What if you were to dream, and in that dream you were to pick a flower, and when you awoke that flower lay across your chest?

Modern science is getting better at modelling our profound experiences. If you stimulate our serotonin system (our neurotransmitter usually associated with feeling ‘good’) in a particular way, you can induce a deeply powerful mystical experience in some people, to such an extent that two months later most of them still regard it as one of the most spiritually significant experiences in their lives.

Is that God working through the magic mushrooms?

Does God work through hypnosis, mass hysteria and disindividuation? Or is that humanity playing God?

One comment on “If God didn’t exist, would we have invented Him/Her?

  1. It depends on how you see God. I think unfortunately in many churches that the bible has become a text book for understanding God and Christianity. I think the teachings of 20 years ago has caused some of the problems today. As a boy in Primary School, I remember attending Religious Instruction on a Thursday. As children we were encouraged to believe that if we were good we would go to heaven and be rewarded by God. We also were encouraged to believe that God would somehow make judgement upon us when we passed on from this life. Religious instruction should be implemented in a way to reveal the benefits of a Christian lifestyle and further allow the individual to find his or her own journey and path to God. I believe that humanisation of God through Jesus has caused many people to speculate about Jesus that he was able to do this and that to people. I believe God is a greater power way beyond our own comprehension and the bible is just a word rather than a book which claims to answer all relating to God. I feel that in Christianity we need to focus on other figures for example Noah and Moses. We know of these biblical characters but who were they rather than what miracle they achieved etc. What energy did Noah have etc. Why was Judias the way he was etc? Understanding God is really an individual path for everyone to follow and I feel churches need to allow people to ask questions and challenge a few areas than to simply tell others how they should feel and think etc.

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