Mathematics and sex???

Mathematics can be used in many ways, one of the more creative being to show that your odds for having a successful relationship increase if you get with at least 12 people!

While some of my friends might continue to be fixated (and not without cause) on finding that one right person and settling down to the happily-ever-after life, it would seem that such an approach is not necessarily as effective overall.

There are many relationship models. I’m currently playing with a 3-factor model, based around the labels of Mind, Body and Spirit, within the context that I give the shorthand of Love.

  • Mind
    Parties need to share attitudes, interests and a framework through which greater appreciation can be developed. Attitudes should not be identical, lest one party be redundant; nor should interests, lest they lose their sense of identity; though closer frameworks of discussion can prove valuable.
  • Body
    Couples should be physically attracted, and have shared lifestyle and activities. Physical attraction is an essential component for a great relationship; shared lifestyle and activities give both the context to relate and share life experiences, and indicate shared values and interests. Shared lifestyle would include geography and living conditions; Shared activities would include travelling and typical time priorities.
  • Spirit
    Currently, I would identify three elements to spiritual connection: Life purpose, Spirituality and religion, and Connection. A shared sense of life purpose gives couples a powerful bond of understanding and conduct, and includes not just our seldom known external goals and objectives, but also compatibility between our view on the nature of life itself. Spirituality focuses more on more practical implementations of that world view, such as religious affiliations and practices. Connection refers to a deep sense of understanding and appreciation for the other person, a state of being where some individuals sense how another is thinking or feeling in a given moment, and perhaps where two people feel that they have been guided to be together.
  • Love
    Love is the framework within which great relationships is possible. This includes concepts like a shared vision for the future, growth-motivated individuals who are letting go of their past, motivated to support and nurture each other, and giving unconditional love.

Thank you, Lyma, for your inspiration.

One comment on “Mathematics and sex???

  1. I think that finding love comes eventually to those who wait. I think one of the difficulties we have today is labelling. When you think of the term Bachelor and Spinster it seems to create the image of a person living in the Nineteenth Century. The image you see is different as to what it is today, especially that of Spinster as it brings up images of a lady in period costume with her hair pulled back tightly in a bun. I believe our life is a journey and for some of us we either have a purpose which is the way God chooses us to be. God chooses people perhaps to be thinkers and observers and others to allow for more people within his kingdom. I find that if we operate and expand within our boundaries that success and happiness will come to us if we begin to expand and take on more challenges. A classic example was of Edward VIII King of England. After the death of his father George V, expectations were on Edward VIII to be King and conform to this role. Instead being a Bachelor, Edward gave up the throne on 10th December 1936 to marry the woman he loves, Wallace Simpson. Rather than remain as King, Edward signed the Instrument of Abdication and chose happiness instead and he was also in his late 40’s when he married Wallis Simpson in Paris that same year. I feel with Edward VIII he chose his own path in life and not what society expected of him. He had the strongwill and determination to do what he felt happy with rather than to conform to other’s expectations. He realised a marriage of conveience was an unhappy one and a marriage of true love a better one. When we act on expectations we need to realise that there are some people who are unconventional and having a ‘laid back’ approach is a harmless adventure. Just a thought.


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