Ubersexuality and sugar and farewells

Sugar is bad for you… not just a little bit, but a lot. I used to love sugar: It’s time to let go. “My coffee” is an affogato – a short black with a generous scoop of icecream (ideally a doppio or double shot with three lovely scoops of fine ice cream, best served at The Three Monkeys in West End, though 16th on Park is good too… but I digress). It’s filled with sugar, caffeine and fat – and I love them. Yet I know that refined sugar is something that is killing me. It’s easy to break the addiction… just stop putting the damn stuff into my mouth!

Metrosexuality is so last season. It seems that we are finally encouraging men to be men… letting them stop waxing their chests and putting crap (I mean ‘product’) in their hair and realising that a men weren’t made to look like women. I’m an incurable romantic and passionate advocate for being pure of heart and focused on serving: I sense that we’re about to see a move towards valuing masculinity rather than hiding it… I think we’ll call it ‘ubersexuality‘. He’s hairer, smellier (think leather, cigars and the woods) and he’s more Martin Crowe than David Beckham.

I’m very proud to say that one of my karate students took out second in the world championships of the National All Styles competition. For a long time, I have criticised non-contact ‘contests’ as being dancing – making his success all the more remarkable! Travis has done us all proud… He didn’t know how to do it from day 1: Instead, he put 100% of his energy into every session and into every step along the way… he was training like a champion, like a black belt, from his first session. Maybe he’s aggressive – but we’re training to fight.

James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover” is playing again… it reminds me of a life changing few days at Kirribilli, walking along the beach at Manly on dusk, a broken spoon from Gelatteria at Circular Quay, Pancakes, The Rocks, Couran, China, Vaucluse… and perhaps a few broken promises. But most of all it reminds me of the lies that we tell ourselves… lies that take us away from the Truth and from Love.