The Game, Power and War

Amazingly, The Game has finally reached a degree of popularity. After reading it almost a year ago – I noted some of my early impressions back in November last year, much to the consternation of Belinda’s father – some of my friends have started talking about this interesting work of semi-fiction.

I thought that it was worth noting in this light the work of Robert Greene. If you haven’t come across his 48 Laws of Power or Art of Seduction, and you have an interest in the field, you will also want to know that his latest book, The 33 Strategies of War provides a similarly written modernised version of Sun Tsu’s Bing Fa and Musashi’s Five Rings, in the same way that the 48 Laws modernised Machiavelli’s The Prince. For a great start, check out his general website and blog here, which has some pretty interesting comments on the current Gulf War

And if you really want to test how well you know the 48 Laws, you must check this out!

(By the way, after a weekend away with guys and tuxedos, I still think that you’ll look better in a shirt and suit from…)