The ego is a mask…

The ego is a mask that becomes a sarcophogus when you let your Self die.

How do arrogance and ego relate? A dear friend behaved in a manner towards her beloved that he would never have accepted as behaviour from himself, yet he continued to love with patience and determination. For him, his compassion and love for her allowed him to believe that whilst he would never do what she did, that her experiences meant that such behaviour was expected even if not acceptable. Was he arrogant?

Surely it is not arrogant to have unreasonable standards. But is it more arrogant to hold others accountable to those high standards, or to not hold them to those standards?

If she were to cheat on him, would it be arrogant for him to be willing to take her back knowing that an ordinary person might do the same, even if he never would?

In this sense, how can we reconcile compassion and arrogance?

Pursuing a nonjudgmental consciousness is part of almost every Great Path. Perhaps when we suspend judgment by the ego we can uphold our standards for ourselves while peacefully and compassionately seeking to understand the shortfalls of those around us. I wonder…