Nuclear energy?

Australia is sitting on a vast uranium mine. It is almost inevitable that we will mine uranium, much of which will be shipped straight to China and India to feed what will soon be their near inexhaustable demands. The question is what that means to us and what we should do about it… for example:

  • Should we have a nuclear programme?
    That we might supply uranium to other nations does not necessarily mean that we should use nuclear reactors for widespread power generation ourselves.
  • How can we manage this resource?
    Far more significantly in my view, with a similar gravitas in uranium as Saudi Arabia currently enjoys in oil, Australia could actually affect a structural shift in the way that uranium is used.

    What if, rather than ‘selling’ uranium, we leased it to users so that we then handled its safe disposal – mine, manufacture, sell and monitor it for its lifetime. While the ‘not in my backyard’ response comes quickly to mind, what if we could actually help make the world the way that it needs to be?

It is almost inevitable that Australia’s uranium will be converted into energy. We need to stop crying about it and move on… The only real question is how we can use that reality to best effect: For our benefit and for the benefit of the world.

Of course, if you want some real nuclear power, The Art of Happiness is my favourite place to start… here are a few reminders of the Dalai Lama’s Instructions for Life