Great suit – want a better one?

I went to David Jones on Wednesday afternoon, anxious to compare the quality of shirts and suits available at our premium department store. I was staggered… I couldn’t believe how much better my company’s garments are!

Their ‘best’ suit was a $1195 Hugo Boss. It was a Super 100 wool, had pickstitching and was neatly finished. But it was obscenely mediocre. I’ve grown accustomed to wearing fine fabrics, bespoke tailored to my precise measurements, but I missed just how much better my company’s garments are. Their best, a grade of 100s, is at the bottom end of our range – you can have a suit that I think is as good or better than anything in the Department stores for $600 or even less.

And despite being from a German company, they were made in Turkey – we’re a 100% Australian owned company… go over and have a look if you haven’t already!