Dangers of political parties

I’ve been openly concerned about the nature of our political system for quite some time. While I’ve been disciplined in my avoidance of branch-level politics, I was a candidate at the last federal election, and I have seen more than enough mess to know what a dangerous game it can be. It hasn’t helped that I’ve dated the odd branch president and even the sister of a state president.

I was only ever involved in politics as a way to make a positive impact upon the world. To me, service should be the motivation – not the power over others. It is ironic that the very same objectivist capitalists that tend to be attracted to the right will then become the ‘ultimate secondhanders’ by pursuing power over others.

Perhaps we all strive to gain power to make up for our own inadequacies. Yet in doing so, in striving to ‘have’ so much, we just fall into another form of the idolotry that is also manifested in the pervasive and unsustainable affluenza that we face.

We all live strategically. We all pursue a purpose, working towards an objective. We aren’t always conscious of that objective, nor aware of the ultimate outcomes and ramifications inherent. Edward de Bono might encourage us to use a C&S (Consequences and Sequals) mental operation to gain insight as to where we’re headed…

What if you could take a minute… just a minute… and really think about where you’re headed. And, when you can envision that destination, what if you could ask yourself whether you really want to go there?

Sure, it’s hard to say what you really want… but surely you can see what you don’t want.