Values – how do we discriminate between good and great?

Evaluating options is very challenging. We can come up with great ideas through divergent thinking and develop them into viable concepts. But evaluating ideas is fundamentally like evaluating art – there are so many different perspectives.

But de Bono has a set of six criteria that could be useful for you. To understand the model, read the book… but here’s the basic outline:

Summaries and thoughts on some books:

Edward de Bono: The Six Value Medals

– There are six medals of different materials, each representing different constructs or values to focus thinking around: Gold, Silver, Steel, Glass, Wood, Brass.

  • Gold
    Human values; the values that affect people.
  • Silver
    Organisational values; those values related to the purpose of the organisation such as profit, cost controls or the family or friends or club.
  • Steel
    Quality: Steel should be strong, so how well does the product, service or function deliver what it should?
  • Glass
    Innovation, simplicity and creativity – Glass is simple, coming from sand, but creativity allows for many possibilities.
  • Wood
    Environmental values: Impact upon the community, on the environment and on others who are not necessarily involved.
  • Brass
    Perceptual values: How does it appear? How might it look? Perception can be reality…

What do you think?
This is just a framework, albeit a framework that is interesting and aspires to be comprehensive…