The path of the warrior… the path of the artist…

I came across a story promoting the movie of Peaceful Warrior, a movie version of Dan Millman’s book about pursuing the spiritual path. This is predicated by the notion that a spiritual or personal ‘path’ in life can be compared with a war… that we struggle to overcome our personal challenges and must discipline ourselves as a warrior would in preparing and fighting a physical enemy.

Bushido, literally the way of the warrior, was the code of honour that the samurai were bound by in the past; today, martial artists throughout the world apply this both to their own training, and through analogy to life in general.

Over brunch with an artist this morning, it occurred to me that the ‘warrior’ path and the ‘artist’ path are very similar. While overtly different, there is a great deal of overlap… the warrior must give themselves to their task, with a consciousness that this day may be his (or her) last. The artist must give themselves to their task, with a consciousness that this piece is the only thing that matters in that moment. After observing a number of parallels, I realised that the ‘warrior’ path or the ‘artist’ path is not so much about being at war or creating art…

Following your path is about being congruent.
Following your path is about focusing in the moment.
Following your path is about manifesting in the world that which you purport to value, rather than living in a state of dissonance and dischord.

Different metaphors allow us access to different insights to your path, though your path remains.

Allow me to commend to you whatever path you feel ‘turns you on’, ‘blows your hair back’ or ‘does it for you’… I believe that the Truth comes from being true to yourself; not from blindly following that which you have been given, nor from ignoring your intuition, but from being guided and noticing how you can refine your personal path in each moment.