Factors of status…

Men will create a hierarchy for themselves within a group and will express their sense of position to those around them. Some men establish themselves as the leaders of a group; others feel more comfortable in a lesser position. To me, there is no purpose served in establishing yourself as the leader of a group just for the sake of it – it takes energy and the group may be of little or no real value – but it’s important to be able to have the freedom to choose.

In this context, and to help give you the freedom to choose, I observe a few factors that are significant in establishing and maintaining position within a group:

  • Posture and physique
    • Hip-to-shoulder ratio
    • Symmetry
  • Speech – Accent and vocal quality
  • Presentation
    • Style of clothing
    • Quality of clothing
    • Grooming
  • Handshake strength and style
  • Charisma

Of course, these factors only provide a model for understanding rather than providing a definition or prescription…

What do you think?
And how does it work for women?

We judge people that we meet everyday. Sometimes we judge them as a potential friend, a potential business partner or a potential intimate partner… other times, we judge them just as a human being. While judging others is regarded as a ‘sin’ for many and tends to be a source of emotional pain and anguish for others, most of us still do it. Rather than lamenting the inadequacies of those around us, perhaps we can use our awareness of their weaknesses to help them see beyond their shortsightedness, while becoming more aware of our own limitations.