A great way to look at books…

In looking at my friend Tom Peter’s website, I came across this cool way of noting and reviewing books. It’s simple. It’s elegant. It gets the message across.

Just take a photo of the spines of a couple of books – maybe that you’ve read, maybe that you just want to comment on… then make some notes over them, summarising what you think about them.

I was just rereading the course book for Train Your Brain. I wrote it a few years ago as part of the study skills courses that I was conducting at the time; there were several versions that I published between 1998 and 2001. What really struck me was how different my approach is today from when it was then.

Then, I focused on techniques. I taught students how to read faster, apply accelerated learning techniques and use mind mapping to give themselves greater access to the information that they had. Sure, learning skills techniques help students make more of themselves than they might otherwise have done; yet, to me it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is helping people go beyond their talents to focus on realising their dreams.

This afternoon, I had the honour of spending some time with a young engineering student. We ran through some techniques and strategies – mostly aimed at helping him cram for his upcoming exams. He has talent; he is interesting and very intelligent. What made our time together so much fun for me was the way that we were able to explore how to go beyond the ordinary… not just to read faster, not just to draw a mindmap, and not just how to better answer MCQs. It’s going beyond the ordinary and helping people get access to that part of themselves that is uniquely suited and adapted to living the life and fulfilling the purpose that only they have… for me, that is where the real excitement lies.

I’m preparing for a new range of courses and products now… it’s going to be fun!