Training this morning

Thanks for a great session this morning. This was one of the longest sparring sessions that we have done for a long time. Multiple attackers: Hit the first one, move to the outside of the circle and fight them one-on-one. Unless you are Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, don’t fight more than one person at a time!

We train to test what we have learned and where we still need to grow. Being ‘thrown’ or making mistakes is part of learning: If you aren’t stuffing up, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. So be kind to yourself, remembering that your mistakes are the key to your improvement.

Thursday is likely to focus more on yaksuko. Remember the criteria: Fast initial response, Robust and effective techniques, Degree of difficulty. Double grab from behind: Step out and away, turn with the hands high into trapping their arms. Sleeper: Flip-top head.