Training this morning

Thanks guys for a great session this morning. A quick review:

  • Footwork provides the foundation. Remember that the full motion shuffles, changeovers etc are not the ultimate outcome in mobility, as usual, they are tools for training… moving is the purpose. JKD would teach more just half shuffles, front, back and side to side.
  • Using focus mitts, working on our straight punches and roundhouse kicks; singles and in combination. Another technique that we haven’t worked on as much is the low jamming side kick.
  • Defending against punches by using heavy gloves… next thing will be to train some more with focus mitts to get use to slipping punches.
  • Defence against weapons, especially knife and gun.
  • Think of your punch as a weighted iron chain rather than the iron bar that our karate punching can often train us in executing.

Be like water – form yourself to your environment and use whatever you have to best effect.