Masculinity versus Aggression

With a local football hero in trouble for his drunken behaviour in South Africa, it seems appropriate to reflect on what really maketh a man. Contrary to popular perception, to me a strong man is not necessarily someone who is physically intimidating, is not necessarily a ‘success’ in the conventional sense, and is certainly not inclined to aggressively dominate those around them.

Whether physical or emotional, so many of our role models today are either manipulative and untrustworthy, or abuse their strength through aggressively dominating those around them. To me, that’s not what being a man is about. Without claiming to be exhaustive in any way, I note three characteristics that I think are particularly important for men:

  1. Purpose
  2. Peace-seeking
  3. Legacy-driven

I can certainly see links to Stephen Covey and David Deida, though like most of us, I trace most of my own perceptions to the role models – starting with my own father and grandfathers – that I have been fortunate enough to have observed. The attached file contains a more detailed exploration of the topic (albeit using mostly American examples); what do you think?