Idea generation and acquisition

One of my favourite things is to go to a good bookstore and just browse – see what takes my fancy – pick up one or two or ten, and just flick through them until I find the profound insight that I’m looking for… For me, this is a great way to get new ideas from a broad range of sources.

Of course blogs and websites are another great source – provided that they’re of a standard and credibility that you can trust.

In the same way, it’s amazing to find the people that you meet. Just last night, I was speaking with a guy named Charles. He’s doing a post-doc in England in quantum computing… that means that he spends his days playing with ion funnels, shooting lasers and phosphorus in the hope that the atom will get excited and change colour. It took me back to my high school days when I was playing with optical tweezers – using a laser to manipulate microscopic pieces of plastic – in the UQ physics department with Professor Helena Rubenstein-Dunlop… it’s fascinating to see the cool stuff that science can do today!