Designing a life…

One of the greatest problems that we face is working out what we want to do with our life. Some people – like Mirusia – seem to be born to live the life that they live… everything that they do is based around doing what they love and loving what they do. They live a life of congruence and purpose.

Many of us are not so lucky. Many of us drift from one thing to another without ever feeling that we have found something that excites us, or feeling a sense of connection with what we are doing with who we are.

I believe that we each have a purpose. I do not claim that this is a predestined ‘God-given’ purpose necessarily, though such is possible; I do believe that we are each unique, and are consequently suited to doing something better than anybody else in the world. In other words, if there is a unique piece in a puzzle, you should strive to find where that piece belongs. Many of us are content to live in the great mass of undifferentiated pieces – where your unique qualities, skills and experiences aren’t revealed. However, I believe that to live your fullest and best life, the life that you were born to live and the life that you will derive the greatest joy and satisfaction from living, you should find your place.

I don’t mind if you’re Catholic or Muslim, Pentecostal or Hindu, Wiccan or Atheistic, you are different from everybody else, from your finger prints to your genetic makeup to your life experiences to your beliefs and your values.

There are two things that I would encourage you to consider in this process. Firstly, consider, if only for the duration of this exercise, that your life is purposeful and that your uniqueness serves you. Secondly, look back over your life on your experiences and look to integrate those challenges, opportunities, gifts and blessings into some purpose. Through the belief that there is purpose, you will notice the connections and relationships that will give you the opportunity to manifest your uniqueness. While finding such purpose can be challenging because it is inherently inductive, look to identify a common thread that links your life.

It is to your benefit to find the way that you can manifest your uniqueness… and it is to the benefit of society. If you can find your songsheet and start singing, you will inspire those around you, and feel a sense of certainty and fulfillment that you can never feel if you are just singing along with everybody else, or watching other people on Australian Idol. Sure, it’s not so scary to watch other people singing…

A ship is safe in a harbor… but that’s not what ships were made for.
You weren’t made to be a clone – you are not a clone. You were born to live your own life: Take ownership of it, be the most magnificent you that has ever – or will ever – live… Getting ringside seats to someone else’s championship game may be fun, but can only ever be an exciting distraction. Ultimately, the credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena.