Life management tools

There are three influences in my life management planning that I feel worth mentioning:

  • Anthony Robbins’ RPM
    Outcome-based system… the taxonomy of getting things done by focusing upon the desired result, rather than remaining fixated upon the mechanisms for achieving that result.
    Projects – Master Plans – Weekly Plans – Daily Plans,
    Weekly planning process,
    Must-time vs Total time,
    Communication capturing,
    Monthly time commitments
  • Stephen Covey’s PlanPlus
    Roles-based planning,
    Mission statements,
    Hierarchical project planning has just been introduced in version 3 in their “Project Task List”,
    Weekly planning process,
    PowerNotes, much like Microsoft Office OneNote,
    Synchronises to PDAs, though only through its own conduits
    Review Mission, Schedule Goals (aligned with overall goals), Schedule Compass, Schedule Tasks
  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done
    • Context-based thinking…
    • Levels of thinking and planning…

    Collect in inbox, process quickly (do now, don’t do, process once, empty inbox each day)
    Action it now (in which case, describe as a successful outcome; if more than one step, it’s a Project, and identify the next steps): Do it-Delegate it-Defer it(assign)
    Non action by filing, referencing, putting on the someday/maybe list.
    If deferred, insert into calendar, put onto task list and mail summary to self.

    • Review: Daily, Weekly and Occasionally.
    • In the moment: Context, then Time available, then Energy available then by priority.
    • In each moment, you can either do Predefined work (though this takes discipline), Defining (knowing all your work) and doing work as it shows up (though risking the urgency trap)
    • Structure of thinking: Current actions, Current projects, Areas of responsibility, 1-2 year goals, 3-5 year visions, Life planning

What do you think?